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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tractor Supply is now open

The new Rensselaer store of Tractor Supply Company opened this morning. Though there was no publicity about the opening, there were a fair number of people who knew about it and had come to check it out.

They had some small tractors in front of the store.
 The store has a large section devoted to animal supplies. If you need equine treats, they have them. Note how the display has the corrugated iron decor that is a trademark of the store.
 To the east of the store is an outdoor lot with large items. I doubt that many people who are not farmers will find them useful.
I was impressed with the selection of large air compressors. They also had smaller ones.
 In the middle of the store is a section devoted to decorative items for lawn and garden. To the side is a section of welding supplies and tools.
 Right now the only chickens are stuffed, but by the time grand opening comes (next Saturday), they should have baby chicks and ducks in the metal tubs on the right side of the photo.
Is it legal to have chickens in Rensselaer? Raising a few chickens might be fun.

The store has the unfinished ceiling look that has become common among big box stores. It also has a large selection of tool box inserts for pickup trucks. The picture below shows the back aisle of the store.
Near the front of the store is a decent sized section of clothing for the stylish farm gals, including lots of boots.

The store will compete with several existing Rensselaer stores. The store that it is most similar to is Smiths Farm Store, but it also overlaps some product lines at Kems Hardware and Prairie's Edge and maybe even with Steve's Specialized Services and Superior Sales and Service.

(I asked at the customer service desk if I could take pictures and the person there said I could. I am not sure why, but the large national chains often discourage pictures.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tour. It is big and full of merchandise.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I visit there often as we have family in Rensselaer. Where is the TSC located?

Dessert Survivor said...

Tractor Supply Rensselaer is about half a mile west of the old city limits, but is now within city limits because the Rensselaer now includes land on both sides of SR 114 out to the Interstate. It about half a mile east of the airport on 114.