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Friday, July 12, 2013

Accessorizing your child

A new children's clothing store opened this week on Van Rensselaer Street, across from the Court House. Unlike another store on the Court House Square that for a long time had no name, this store has two names, Kids Corner and Unique Finds. I asked about that because it is only one store and was told that originally the name was Kids Corner, but because the owner planned to sell more than just kid's stuff, she was advised to consider a different name. So she did, and now has a store with two names.
 An explosion of color hits you as you enter the store. The building formerly housed two separate stores, but a doorway now connects the two parts. In the part nearest the alley the items are all new and seemed mostly meant for girls from infant to eight or ten years old. There are tutus and all sorts of things that little girls would enjoy dressing up in. I suspect my granddaughters would love the place, but I am not sure I want to find out for sure.
 I have a friend who used to talk about accessorizing her kids. This is the perfect store to accessorize a daughter or granddaughter. One of the target audiences has to be grandmothers who want to buy something fancy for a granddaughter.
 There are even Rensselaer Bomber hair ribbons along with feathery things that also decorate hair.
These necklaces and purses are probably meant for an older audience--the one that the name Unique Finds is aimed at.
In the other half of the store there are toys and some more clothes, items that are less decorative and appropriate for every day wear. Much of the clothing here is lightly used and is priced very reasonably. (Actually the owner says that the fancy stuff is priced very reasonably compared to what similar stores 30 miles to our north charge.)
Kids Corner & Unique Finds not only has a Facebook page. that you can like, but they have one that you can Friend. I suppose that is only logical for a store with two names that combines what used to be two stores.

(Can you tell that I am totally out of place in a store like this? If I knew more about children's clothing, this would be written in a completely different way.)


Cindy said...

Unique Finds and Kids Corner have a lot to offer for reasonable prices. The owners are very personable and very helpful. I will be a repeat customer. Soooo many cute things!!!!
~Cindy Lou

Anonymous said...

Sounds way better than driving to the mall!