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Monday, July 8, 2013

Rensselaer Upholstery

Did you know that Rensselaer has a shop that does upholstery? I recall many years ago we had a chair refinished by someone who reupholstered furniture and was located on Maple Street near what is now the Raceway gas station. That shop is long gone, but for the past two years reupholstering has been going on in the building on Kellner between Cullen and Weston Streets, the building that was renovated in 2009.
 Only in the last month or two has it been in the south end of the building and visible. Before then the shop was in the other end of the building and not easily accessible. Below is the heavy-duty sewing machine needed to sew the fabrics used in upholstering.
 The project on the work bench was a set of car seats from a 1960s era car. They were being completely redone, with a brown covering replacing the original white cover. Car seats are one of the main types of work that the shop does.
 In the reception room at the front of the shop were some boat seats, another common project, and more car seats.
 I asked about furniture, especially newer furniture, because it is my impression that most of it is not well made and that the fabric does not last long. Winston, one of the owners, said that most recent furniture is not worth recovering unless the frames are well made. It will be almost as cheap to replace it as to fix it. Most of the furniture that they reupholster is made prior to 1970 and often has antique or sentimental value. 
I got some business cards. On one the name of the business is Rensselaer Upholstery, and on the other, which I think it is older, the name is The Upholstery Shop.

So if you have furniture or car seats or anything else that you would like to have upholstered, check them out. Their address is 119 W Kellner.


Anonymous said...

I will check it out. Thank you so very much for your astute observation again.

Gene said...

The reupholstering shop on Maple Street you mentioned was Timmons 7 Services, if my memory serves me... but I could be wrong.