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Saturday, September 26, 2009

More storage space

Back in March I noticed construction activity at a building on Kellner Street between Cullen and Weston. In May I posted a couple of photos of the construction (or maybe destruction) in progress. The activity was been sporadic during the summer, but in the last couple of weeks there has been a spurt of activity.
Last week strips of wood were attached to the building, a sign that the whole thing would be getting a facelift.

Peeking through the windows, we can see that the back of the building is still not finished.
This week the new facade began to appear. I found a worker leaving the site on Friday afternoon and asked him what the future of the building was. He said that it would be rented as unheated storage space and an office. I think he said storage of construction materials such as siding was a possibility. So it seems that when the renovation is finished, nothing too exciting will be happening here.
However, it should look a lot nicer than it has looked in the past.

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reMark said...

At one time the newspaper stored their rolls of paper for the press. Maybe its dessert survivor that has caused the emptiness in the windows?