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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Primary school art exhibit

It is time for the regional elementary school art exhibit, which this year will run until February 2. With the bad weather, that does not leave much time for people to see it. I stopped by last week before it was fully installed to check it out. It is always fun to see what kind of projects the kids are working on.

One of the schools was doing silhouettes. I do not know enough about art education to understand what the exercise was trying to explore.
Symmetry was the lesson of another class. They cut out part of a piece of colored paper and flipped it, getting a symmetrical image. Clever.
 I have some grandkids who would like the "Too Much Glue To Resist" project. It appears they squirted out a thick path of glue and let it dry, then painted the spaces that were not glued.
 These were among the snowmen pictures. Kids like doing these.
 Another class was using a snowman exercise to teach about shading and shadows, but I neglected to take a picture of that.

Today I was able to get out because we had a warm up--the temperatures got into the teens. If we get the six or more inches that some weathermen are forecasting in the next week, where will the people who plow the parking lots put it all? And how do they get the piles as high as they are?

The ice has covered the river on the river under the Talbert Bridge again, but the open water by the Bowstring Arch Bridge is larger than it was with the Arctic Vortex early this month.

The Rensselaer Library is still not open--they suffered a setback Sunday night. They are not alone--the Roselawn branch of the Newton County Library was shut for a day with water issues and city hall in West Lafayette had serious pipe problems.

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