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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Limelight is bigger this year

The annual Limelight on Special Creations is on display in the Fendig Gallery. This year it includes not just the work of students from area schools served by Cooperative School Services, but also some items done by those served by the Rensselaer office of CDC Resources. The additional participants make the overall look of the exhibit much better--last year it looked sparse.
The students served by Cooperative School Services in the area schools must have some instruction from art teachers because they use a lot of different techniques in their pieces. There were at least two from the KV schools that used short pieces of yarn to form images.
 I would have given this one the most impressive drawing award if such an award existed. This student was from Benton Central.
 At North Newton some were seeing what could be done with carved rubbers stamps.
This glass mosaic reminds me of work done by David Herriott who I think lives in either Benton or Newton County. I wonder if there is a link.
 The Limelight exhibit is done as part of Indiana Disabilities Awareness Month, which is March. However, the exhibit fits the gallery calendar better in February than in March.

If you want a reason to smile, stop in and take a look at the exhibit.
The hours of the Fendig Gallery are 10am till 2 pm Monday through Friday.

And in other news, the Rensselaer Branch of the Jasper County Public Library is open today for the first time in over a month. Bibliophiles can rejoice.

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Anonymous said...

I like your trip through the gallery. Beauty is there for all to see.