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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ribbon cutting at MacAllister

MacAllister had a grand opening and a ribbon cutting on Tuesday. The seller of agricultural machinery has been open for several months. About a year ago they held the ground breaking ceremony.
With a snip the ribbon was cut. MacAllister sells a number of farm equipment lines. It sells most of the farm equipment that is not John Deere.
 They served lunch. When I left the lady signing people in said that they had had over 200 people stop by, more than they had expected. Lunch was served in their repair bay. If you look at the back of the room you can see an impressive crane.
 Here is a closer look. I asked one of the people working there if they expected poor sales because of the poor harvest. He said that they did. However, there are always repairs that must be done. They have two mechanics who work in this location.
The room to the south stores various parts. Beyond that is a smaller area of offices and a service desk.
 I was impressed with the inflatable that they had for the kids. It is a model of the sort of equipment that they sell and it is not rented but owned by the company. How many other companies that do business in Rensselaer have company inflatables?

I noticed that there is a business in MacAllister's old building on North McKinley. I will have to stop by and see what it is.

The high school homecoming parade is this evening starting at 6:30. I had seen no publicity for it until today.

The mystery flower that I posted earlier this week is the flower of a sweet potato plant. I have grown sweet potatoes for fifteen or twenty years and this is only the second year in which I have seen one bloom.

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