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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Some changes to start September

Devon's Restaurant served its last meals on Sunday. There had been rumors and items on Facebook indicating that it was closing, but I had not seen anything official so I did not say anything about it last week.

 But not it is official. Below is the sign in the door. A similar message is on their website.
 There are a lot of changes happening in the restaurant business. Royal Oak opened a month or two ago. Doggers opened a few weeks ago and now has proper window signs. Ayda's will be closing their present location at the end of this week and opening on the Court House Square next week. Slice of Pie has been closed for several weeks with a sign on the window saying they are on vacation. Sprigz has been listed by a large realty company for months, though I do not know if locals are supposed to know that. Yesteryears took over the food service at the golf course at the beginning of summer. I suspect I am missing other changes.
 I saw this sign several months ago and I do not think I posted it. If I did, I apologize for the repeat.
 The landscaping has been added to the decorative columns in front of the Front Street parking lot.
The really big change to start the month is the change in ownership of the hospital. What was Jasper County Hospital is now Franciscan Health Rensselaer. The website url is still the same (though I suspect it will eventually change) but the name on the home page has been updated. The Facebook page has also been updated. (And here is a picture of the new sign going up.)

The days are getting shorter but we have a few more days of hot, humid summer weather ahead of us.

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Brad Furst said...

Was it always Devon's and they switched owners, or was it a different name before? Hard to believe 20 years ago was only 1995.