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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Festival Parade

With tonight's RCHS Homecoming parade, Rensselaer has had two parades in less than a week. Because there were other things that I thought were more timely, I postponed a post about the Little Cousin Jasper Parade that took place last Saturday.

Before the parade began two ladies from Lafayette Bank and Trust handed out balloons to kids. The balloons had the bank logo but not the name. I wonder how many people thought they were from Purdue.
 Every few minutes another balloon would float up but I did not hear any kids screaming as their balloons escaped.

It was a long parade with a little bit of everything. There were a number of mascots, including one for the fire department.
 This year there were at least two entries with horses.
 The old milk truck was in front of a long line of tractors. I remember milk delivery when I was a child, but by the time I was a teenager it was gone.
 The Rensselaer High School band marched. SJC has marched in past parades but was absent this year. It might have been too much to ask the band members to stay on campus for the weekend.
 There were a lot of kids marching including Cub Scouts, Pop Warner players, Pop Warner cheerleaders, and a large group of soccer players.
 Among the floats was one for the animal shelter.
The pig was part of the Fair Oaks float. Behind him you can see the purple muscle man who was giving out trial memberships for Anytime Fitness.
 West Central had its band in the parade, marching behind a fire truck from the Francesville Fire Department.
 The parade had three grand marshals. I wonder how many people knew who they were.
 Of course as readers of this blog you undoubtedly recognized them as the county commissioners, Kendell Culp, James Walstra, and Richard Maxwell.

Bringing up the end of the parade was a large group of motorcycles that were about to begin a ride for charity.

Want more pictures of the parade? Visit Rensselaer has 170 pictures of the parade  and the festival on Facebook. I think they have every unit that was in the parade and their pictures are better than mine.

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