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Monday, June 20, 2016

A few quick notes 6-20-2016

I was wrong when I wrote that the hammering limestone at the high water treatment plant construction site was finished. It continues. The hole is now so deep that it must be a challenge to get the material out of it.

On Friday Comfort Suites was getting another layer of asphalt put on their parking lots. It looks finished but I have not seen any announcement for an opening. The new building significantly improves the appearance of the intersection.
 On the way out I saw grain almost ready to harvest. Sometimes our local farmers plant something other than corn or soybeans.

On Saturday I stopped by the farmers market to see how it was doing. There are more vendors than when I stopped by a month ago and more locally grown vegetables and fruits for sale. It may have been the last Saturday for strawberries.
There were turnips, new potatoes, various greens, broccoli, and still a bit of rhubarb. I did not see cherries or peas, though both are in season. I think the Tuesday night markets begin the last Tuesday of June.

I recall that when the resurfacing of US 231 was discussed last year, a change in the intersection at Mt Calvary Road was mentioned. On Sunday I rode out to see if anything was being done there and found there were no changes and that the milling of the road stopped about 150 yards short of the intersection. The surface of the unmilled road is almost as rough as the milled surface. That road was in horrible shape.


Jim Earnest said...

The Mayor said at Rotary a few months ago that the Mt. Calvary intersection widening is being postponed. I can't recall if it will be2017 or 2018. One year is the Washington St. Bridge rebuild. The other is Mt. Calvary. Maybe someone out there knows the correct order.

Butch said...

Wheat historically is ready about July 4th but two things may change that......some farmers will cut grain that is still high in moisture, put it in a bin and blow air thru it to dry it down for market test plus the lack of rain may make a premature harvest this year by a few days......thanks again for all the updates and information you provide!.....Butch Claussen