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Friday, July 8, 2016

Miscellany 7-8-2016

We have a big weekend, with lots of events on Saturday.

Meanwhile, paving work is finishing on US 231. On Thursday the crew was paving the approaches from city streets to the highway.
The west-facing facade of Halas Hall is now undergoing demolition and rebuilding. The east side is still not finished.
The building at Washington and Weston is now empty. Recently it was a tattoo studio. Before that it was Elks Investment and the Elks Investment sign is still in front. Many years ago it was Hickman Ice Cream store and someone on Facebook was looking for a picture of it when it was Hickmans. Do you have one? (The ice cream was excellent--I was sorry it only lasted a few summers.)

At the other end of the block sits a magnificent old house that has been vacant for years. I do not understand why someone keeps a property and does not use it. The annual property tax is almost $800.
Wagner Lumber has put up a sign. No mention of seeds.
On the corner of McKinley and Merrit there was until recently a small craft store. I did a post on it when it was Dees Custom Art. The sign in the window says, "2nd Home has moved to Jasper Junction. Look for the red booth!"
Just to the south of this in part of the old Chrysler-Dodge building, a company called Sydney Jacobs Auto LLC is setting up shop. I do not know anything about it but they are celebrating their opening on Saturday with free hot dogs starting at 11:30.

There are many pictures of the Thursday night's performance of The Wizard of Oz on Facebook.

Dollar Tree opened today (Friday) at 10:00 am.

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Jasper County Historical Society said...

Yes, I hope someone has a photo of the outside of Hickman's Ice Cream! One was found showing a young John Groppe having ice cream inside after his sister, Maureen, had served the cone.