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Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa light

We admire Christmas decorations when they are elegant and we appreciate them when they are over-the-top. Sometimes we enjoy them because they are funny.

These two-dimensional characters of Mr. and Mrs. Claus on Front Street show a lighter side of Christmas decorating. I always think Mrs. Claus is a funny character. Here she and Santa are giving a friendly wave to those passing by.
In Houston's subdivision this tipsy snowman appears as if he had one too many the night before.
These snowmen carolers seem to get around town. I was sure that I saw them on Grace Street, but here they are on Owen Street, and they even brought the trees with them. Well, if you are caroling, you are supposed to get around town, even if you are anchored.
When I saw these deer on Grace Street, I was not sure if they were Christmas decorations or deer decoys. Could they be both?
It appears that someone on Rachel Street lynched Santa--he is swinging in the breeze. Maybe the intent was innocent--they probably thought of this as a big tree ornament. Or a piƱata.
On Milroy Avenue Santa is riding a polar bear. For some reason (Coca Cola ads?) people think of polar bears as kind and cuddly. Actually, polar bears consider humans as prey.
And then there is this totally hip Santa on Fleming Blvd. This blow-up Santa more than any other shows the lighter side of Christmas decorating. Ride on, Santa.

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Lori Garcia said...

your commentary about these pictures cracks me up. too funny! keep up the good work!! :-)