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Saturday, April 25, 2009

And the winner is....

As I was going past Monnett School on Wednesday morning, I saw two bucket trucks with their arms extended. It looked as if they were having a giant battle, the sort of thing that is fun to watch on cheap sci-fi movies.
It was nothing so exciting. Rather it was the city utility trucks working on an electrical connection for the Rensselaer Central School Administration Building.
A week or two ago I noticed that workmen had ripped up the old sidewalks, and then last week I saw a trencher busily digging a trench. I asked why, and discovered that the lines (electric, telephone, cable, internet) that were on the poles were going underground. I did not know why and did not ask at the time.
I did ask someone who usually knows what is happening in the schools when I noticed that there had been a lot of dirt moved next to the administration building. I was told that the alternative school will be placed in this location.
I enjoy watching construction. You can count on more pictures in the future.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised about this idea with an elementary school so close by. I was curious about this hole, too.

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Dessert Survivor said...

Isn't the last comment a clever way to advertise? I admire the entrepreneurial spirit.

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