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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The blooming trees

The magnolia trees are blooming this week, and they are spectacular.
Some interesting tidbits about magnolias--they are pollinated by beetles, not by bees, many species are native to the U.S., and most of the trees planted here are probably hybrids. The magnolia is the state flower of Mississippi.

Also blooming, though you might not recognize the flowers as flowers, are the Norway maples. As its name suggests, it is not a native tree but an import from Europe. Although a great many have been planted in Rensselaer, conservationists consider it a weed and would like to see it eradicated.
(You cannot make maple sugar from Norway maple. You need sugar maple trees for that.)

Silver maples are a native tree, but they bloomed a weeks ago and are busy growing their seeds.

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Anonymous said...

These photos are wonderful. Thank you. Spring has sprung.