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Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Several weeks ago I posted pictures from a living stations of the cross held in 2003. I also have some pictures from another re-enactment, I think in 2005, but I am not sure because the date on my camera was not set properly.
The costumes were better in the 2005 version, and the crowd was also bigger. In the picture above the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus are being led away. Actually, the two thieves have nothing to do with the stations of the cross, but they add a lot to the living re-enactment.

Once the two thieves are led away, Jesus can be condemned to death.
As the picture below shows, there was a very small Roman soldiers in the cast of characters.
In 2005 the procession did not go along McKinley to the Susan Street lot. Rather it went down Angelica to Weston, then up Weston to the Susan Street lot.
In the picture below the little Roman is lashing one of the thieves. The lashes were very soft, but had chalk in them so they would leave a mark. It provided good realism with absolutely no pain. The guards seemed to really enjoy their roles, especially the whipping part.
In the Susan lot, Jesus falls the third time. That would be station nine.
Station 10 is Jesus is stripped of his garments.
As mentioned earlier, there is no station for the crucifixion the the two who were crucified with Jesus. The step ladder looked a little out of place.
Station 11 is the crucifixion. As I recall, the day was quite chilly as the clothing of the onlookers suggests, and the actor playing Jesus did get quite cold.
Here you can see the size of the crowd.
They last station, Jesus is laid in the tomb, got cut from the script.

The people who performed practiced for their roles, and the costumes were well done. I hope that some time in the future we see another performance of the living stations of the cross.

Update: There was a living stations of the cross in Monticello last Sunday. I talked to a woman who had driven over, and she said it was well attended, but she stayed in the car because it was very cold. She also said that in Mexico the whips are not soft yarn, but actually do inflict pain.

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30-year refugee said...

i enjoy any pictures associated with St. A's. i wonder how much of the church's interior i would remember.