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Friday, April 17, 2009

Snow bound

Fr. Charles J. Robbins, C.PP.S. wrote a chronology of Saint Joseph's College up to the year 1983. It is a major source of information about the history of the college. I thought this bit would make an appropriate post for today:
The week-end of April 16-17 saw a snow storm that created drifts eight feet high on Highway 231 east of the College. But the week-end was memorable not so much for the fact that a storm of that intensity should come so late in the year, but that it stranded 250 co-eds on an all-male campus for two days.
The females were on campus for a college choral festival. The residents of Halas and Gallagher halls gave their rooms to the stranded women and found sleeping space wherever they could. There were also stranded travelers to house.
By 9:00 o'clock on Tuesday morning the last of the snow-bound people were gone, but memories would long remain of a most unlikely week-end.
Update: I forgot to include the year. It was 1961.


30-year refugee said...

did i miss something? what year was this storm?

30-year refugee said...

glad i thought to look at the post instead of look for a comment response.

Anonymous said...

Keep telling us stories.