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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trains, pools, and weather

Looking at the lawns and the trees, it is hard to find evidence of the hail that we had a few days ago. An exception are these bushes by the College Street bridge.
And in my backyard, the rhubarb looks awful. I think plants with big leaves were more affected than plants with little leaves.
I have noticed that there are piles of ties along the railroad track through its entire route through Rensselaer and beyond. I guess that means that CSX will be doing tie replacement soon. How will they do that and not disrupt rail traffic?

This morning I noticed that the pool at Brookside park has been filled. I hope we get some warm, sunny days so the water will be not be painfully cold when the pool opens next week. (If you look carefully, you may see the scum caused by thousands of cottonwood seeds on the surface of the water.)I noticed another pool a couple weeks ago, behind the Kirby Risk building that is under construction.
Finally, a comment was left on an old post, It looks like a parking lot:
You may want to keep your eyes open at this site tomorrow. Big changes are a coming. . .
I guess that means we will find out if it really will become a parking lot.

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