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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Car Show/Cruise Night today

What a day--the start of the Jasper County Fair and Cruise night. I wonder what the thinking was about overlapping them and how it will turn out.

The car show has traditionally been at the fair grounds, but this year it is at Brookside Park, in the northwest corner on the lawns that normally see no use. I liked this old car--there are not enough old cars for my taste. (For me, an old car is one older than I am. That puts you back pre 1950.)
They have trophies for best of show, best engine, best Ford, and other things. If you are in Rensselaer, swing by the park and see what is happening.
This is the 24th annual car show and cruise, and it is sponsored by the JC Cruisers. I will try to write more next week. Here is my report on Cruise night last year.

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Desert Survivor said...

My husband is working on getting a Model-A Ford up and running--but it probably won't ever look as shiny and pretty as the cars in the car show!