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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A couple of small construction projects

I tend to take pictures whenever I see construction. This summer after the hospital opened its new building, it added another parking lot behind the main building. I had the picture below in an earlier post.
I did not have this one showing the cement trucks pouring the curbs.Last time I looked, the lot was being used, though the lights were still not installed. With new building and the new parking lots and retention ponds, there is very little lawn left for the hospital to mow.
Another bit of construction I saw I never did understand. In July workers from Jacobs Professional Services tore up the concrete over one of the fuel tanks.
I thought that they might remove a tank but they did not. All they seemed to do was install something in the pipes that go into the tanks.
And then they poured a new batch of concrete to cover the tanks again.
A few days later there was little evidence that anything had happened.
Meanwhile, college classes have begun and my time for posting has become quite limited.

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