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Monday, July 20, 2009

Odds and ends after the fair

Last week this blog focused on the Jasper County Fair and ignored what was happening in Rensselaer. In the past few days I have been searching for what has changed in town. On Sunday I took the picture below because I noticed something missing, (The building you can see are storage lockers on North Cullen just north of the railroad tracks.)
A few weeks ago the house pictured below was there. According the Jasper County Interim Report, it was built about 1885 and was rated as notable. It has been empty for some time, and at the time I was gathering information about Harris Homes, someone told me that it would be torn down and replaced by another housing unit for Harris Homes. I did not notice it was gone a couple weeks ago when the tattoo parlor closed. (Maybe I was not paying enough attention.)
In construction news, the railroad crossing on Melville has been finished for several days. There is now skirting on the Monnett modules and utilities are being connected. Further down College, workers are tearing up concrete behind the Family Express gas station. There are workers on the roof of the high school, and more parking for the Jasper County Hospital is being built.
On a different note, sports teams have begun practicing. The high school football team had a morning practice, and the middle school cross country team has begun some mid-morning runs. This week Saint Joseph's College will be hosting three or four football camps in which an entire team comes to campus for intensive practice.

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