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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CC sectional

On Tuesday night Rensselaer Central High School hosted the cross country sectionals. Almost a mile into the race the leaders had not yet pulled away. The three runners in the lead, from Boone Grove, Kouts, and Kankakee Valley, would finish as the top three, with Boone Grove first and Kouts third. All three may be good enough to get to the state meet as individuals.
Rensselaer Central had runners finish fourth, fifth, and sixth. About two and a half miles into the race the runners go through the little nature area that is north of the football field. You can see the football players practicing in the background.
The guy from Boone Grove pulled away and won by quite a bit. You can see the KV runner about ten seconds behind him. Rensselaer has a good team this year because they have strong runners in fourth and fifth positions, which is what you need for a good cross country team.
This Saturday Renssealer will go to the regionals where they will face big schools like Valpo, Chesterton, Portage, and LaPorte. They will have to run well to make it to semi-state, but it is clearly doable this year.

Below you can see the start of the girls race. There was a very decent crowd watching the race. There were a couple of strong individuals in this race, but I do not think any of the teams will make much of an impression in the post season.
I will update when I find the results on-line.

Update: The results can be here for boys and here for girls. Rensselaer boys won with 41 points, followed by Kouts (70), Hebron (76), KV (81), and West Central (169). For the girls, Rensselaer came in 6th with 122 points and thus will not advance. Hebron (62) won the girls race, followed by KV (68). Winamac (114), West Central (116), and Kouts (121). Two of the Rensselaer girls were in the top 15 and will advance to regionals as individuals.

Update 2: The Tri-County girls team had a great night at the Benton Central sectional, winning with only 20 points. They will not beat Harrison or West Lafayette at the regionals, (11 of the top 15 at the Harrison regionals were from Harrison or West Lafayette) but they should be make it to semi-state. Their results are here, and go here for all other results. The boys field at BC was very weak.


flatbow said...

Wow, what happened to KV? In my day, not too long ago, they were a powerhouse in XC. When did they change the regional meet? We used to go down to Lafayette for the Regionals which, at the time, was easier than facing State champs Valpo but still a tough field of competition.

Andrew said...

Way to go Rensselaer!