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Monday, October 5, 2009

An ex-resident in the news

A former resident of Rensselaer is in the Las Vegas, Nevada newspaper for underground activities. See here and here.

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reMark said...

Talk about a survivor! This was probably one of the very best quality videos I have seen produced for the web. Being a science teacher (former, even though I hate to use that word), I really found the video interesting and spot on about how I liked to teach students.

I couldn't help but think of Desert Survivor and her brothers going to LaRue Pool and the face the boys (Ed especially) would make as they would go under water examining whatever bug had accidentally fallen in the pool. It reminded me of the excitement on Desert Survivor's face when she possibly found a new species of cave critter life.

Thanks for sharing! There are so many interesting stories about people formerly from Rensselaer!