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Monday, October 5, 2009

Runway update

Air traffic has been unusually light at the Jasper County Airport because the paving machine is sitting halfway down the runway.
These pictures were taken Sunday morning. My schedule does not make it easy for me to get out there during the times when the machines might actually be doing something.
A closer look at the runway shows that a slab of concrete is being put over the old asphalt runway. The machine lays down a fairly wide slab, but obviously it will have to put down another slab to make the runway as wide as the old one was.
I wonder if heavier planes will be able to land after this project is complete.

Update Thursday, Oct 8, 2009. The first strip of runway is now complete and the paving machine has returned to the north end of the runway.
Early in the morning the workers were active. Perhaps they got started on the second strip later that morning.

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