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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shopping at Dreamers Solution

A couple weeks ago I stopped in Dreamers Solution Music store on the Court House square. I had never been in there before, so I did not know what to expect.
Dreamers Solution Music has been in this location for five years. (For sixteen months before moving to its current location, the store was two blocks southeast past the old jail, in an old house that is now vacant.) In the past, Graf's Shoes was in this building for many years. More recently the building was home to a video store and a pool hall. What else has been in there?

The store specializes in guitar and and guitar accessories. It had a large inventory.
Guitars were hanging along both walls. Naturally, there was a large selection of amplifiers as well.
The owner said that this was the only guitar store between Lafayette and Valparaiso, so it serves has a bigger customer base than just Rensselaer. I asked it he sold over the Internet, and we had a lengthy discussion of eBay, which has done things in the last few years to antagonize sellers. He had had some bad experiences with eBay so was not currently using them. (A few years ago I hung out quite a bit on eBay, but have not visited for many months, so I have largely lost track of what is happening there.)
The store does have some things other than guitars. He showed me a dulcimer and suggested that even someone as limited musically as I am would be able to play it.
The music business has not been booming--the recession has taken its toll. Dreamers Solution is currently open only three days a week.

As I was leaving, the guitar below caught my attention. Wasn't a hole necessary to get the proper sound from the guitar?
The marvels of science--instead of the hole, the guitar has the apparatus shown below inside, and it does what the hole in the box does for a normal guitar.
If you need anything guitar related or stringed instrument related or amplifier related, stop by Dreamers Solution.

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