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Saturday, October 31, 2009

State Cross Country

The Tri-County girls cross country team finished 20th of 24 teams in Terre Haute today. Results are here. The Rensselaer Republican had a nice article about the team on Friday.

Also in cross country news, Naza Sanchez, a Rensselaer high school graduate who is running for St. Joes, finished 6th in the conference meet and won All-Conference honors, the first male cross country runner from SJC to do so.

Update: According to the Rensselaer Republican article, Tri County was the first girls cross country team from a 1A to make it to the state finals since 1981, the first year that a state finals for girls cross country was held. Those who want to have a class system for cross country, separating the big schools from the small schools, have seen their cause set back by twenty years.

Here is a website with information about past state contenders.

Another update: A blog at the Journal and Courier notes the enrollments of the schools with teams in the girls cross country finals. Tri-County has 268 students. The next smallest, West Noble, has 664. Three other schools have less than 1000 enrollment: Heritage Hills, Culver Academies, and Evansville Memorial. Ten have over 2000 students.

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I am glad to hear the cross country news. That was good news.