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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Regional art fair

The 17th Annual Elementary Regional Art Exhibition is being currently being shown in the  Core Lobby at Saint Joseph's College. Last year I had a post about the high school regional exhibit, but ignored the elementary kids. So what are kids up to these days in grade school?

These first pictures from students at Saint Augustine's School are what I expect from grade school art classes.

A bunch of tropical birds appeared in the selections from Van Rensselaer. These watercolor paintings were very colorful, but  I could not tell if they were trying to copy a particular picture or they were just assigned the concept.
Some of the Wheatfield third grades were drawing city buildings, which takes imagination for Jasper County kids. The leaning buildings suggest a windy day. Do you think that is what the student wanted to suggest?

Tri-County third grades contributed the pictures below. The big bowl of ice cream made me a bit hungry.

So I was ready for the culinary art of the second and third grades from Demotte. Alas, they were not edible, but they sure looked tasty. 
Fourth graders from Kankakee Valley Intermediate School did the tissue paper collages and the drawings of shoes. 
There were also works from DeMotte Christian, North Newton Elementary, and South Newton Elementary. My apologies for all the clever pictures that I missed.

I wonder how many of these students will be exhibiting in another eight years. How many will develop their craftsmanship and creativity, and how many will lose interest and move on to other things?

The show goes until February 5. Then the high school students should be having an exhibit, followed by the middle school students.

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Sheila said...

Wow! We have some talented kids in the area!

In my case, the elementary school art teacher had a lot to do with my staying away from art after grade school. She was very mean and scary...I don't know of anyone who liked her. It's really sad that someone like that was allowed to teach grade school.

I remember seeing her at the pancake house when I was working as a waitress in high school. She seemed much nicer. I don't know if she changed over the years or if she just had a different demeaner when she wasn't working with kids...