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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stop sign replacement

The city seems to be replacing stop signs. All four at the intersection of Abagail and Jackson were replaced on Thursday. The old ones were in solidly, and it took a while to get this one out even with the backhoe. You can see the new sign behind the backhoe, and in the foreground you see both the old and new stop signs for the traffic heading toward Brookside Park.

Once the old sign was out, the workers hammered a base in and then attached the sign to the base. It did not take long. 
I do not know why the old signs had to be replaced. Stop signs do not need software upgrades, and the new ones look just like the old ones.


Anonymous said...

This activity keeps our city workers working. When they replaced one on my corner a year or so ago, I noticed it was higher. Was that the case on the new ones you mentioned?

flatbow said...

Maybe so they are more visible? I know a lot of people blow through the Jackson/Abagail intersection without even slowing down, especially in the summer.
IF visibility is the reason, then maybe they should also put the white stop lines at the intersection as well.