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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The weekly flea market

What was formerly a once-every-two-weeks flea market is now a weekly flea market. Every Friday and Saturday, from nine until five, Jasper Junction operates a flea market in the old Schumacher building at Vine and Melville.
This is not a giant lipstick, but rather a portable heater to warm things up a bit. If you need to get your loved one a gift for Valentine's Day, you can shop in less discomfort.
The flea market if still pretty much as it was in November, though they may have added some additional vendors. It remains a shopping adventure.

Being weekly is more convenient than every other week. You can go any Saturday and it will be open--you do not have to worry that you chose the wrong Saturday.

That reminds me, the Jasper County Historical Society Museum on Clark and Van Rensselaer is open the first and third Saturdays each month, from 10 until 1. Stop in and see them sometime. They are getting lonely.

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