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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Peach harvest

For the past two weeks, but especially last week, I have been busy cutting up peaches. My peach trees bore fruit abundantly this year. (My fruit trees bear every other year--last year I had apples, and this year peaches. I wish they would bear smaller crops each year.)
The tree was grown from a peach pit. I have found if you plant the pits from good peaches, you probably will get a reasonably good peach tree. (The same does not hold for apples.) None of my peach trees have ever lasted very long. If they bear for five years before dying, I am satisfied. (The exception has been the tree that bears tiny little peaches that tend to rot on the tree. It may be twenty years old now. When it was young I cut it down, but it just grew back.)

In addition to helping can them, I have been turning them into peach crisp and freezing them. Here is a crisp recipe from a couple years ago that is easily modified for peaches. I use more oatmeal and less flour and sugar.

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Anonymous said...

Just took some more peach crisp out of the freezer. Thanks for the delicious treat!