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Monday, April 12, 2010

The blooming trees

Spring seems to be a little earlier this year. If I had not done so much about flowering trees last year, I would be doing a post about the magnolias today. However, I did one last year, on April 22.

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Here is one tree I did not show last year, the peach, which is just beginning to bloom. Many fruit trees are on a year and then off a year. Last year my peaches were off, but this year they will be on and produce a crop unless we get a severe frost. This particular tree has tiny but very sweet peaches that tend to crack and rot on the tree. When it bears fruit it shows so much promise and it so often disappoints. Lots of things in life are like that.
I did not take this close up of a peach blossom. It is better than what my camera can do.
Also blooming are the wild plums, a shrub that I do not think I showed last year. This one has a lot of flowers but I will be very surprised if it has more than a handful of plums.

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