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Friday, April 22, 2011

A few loose ends

The newspaper has had a couple stories about this house, which had a fire almost a year ago. Last week it re-burned, and this time it is a total loss. It was unoccupied, and arson is being given as the cause of the fire. It should be torn down, but that may be a problem with the owner not available.
I noticed that the old Chrysler dealership, which had been filled with cars from Ed White a few months ago, is totally empty and even the for sale signs are gone. Is something happening there?

South of town I found this impressive display of spring flowers. I doubt that the farmer who plants here is happy with it. I do not know what the plant is, but it seems to spread quite rapidly and probably is hard to eradicate.
Preparations for construction of the new elementary school continue on North Melville Street. There is now a port-a-potty, an essential element on any construction site, and the construction trailer, which arrived last week, is now in place.
Have a nice Holy Week and Easter.


Hannah said...

I saw those flowers too!!! In the field...when I was driving by on Mt. Calvary Rd (not sure what the number of the street is..700??) anyways it was very hard to even see them....all I could see was purple and I was wondering if I was seeing things! They are very neat! I wonder what kind of flowers they are too!

Anonymous said...

I believe that the purple flower in your photo is a weed commonly known as "Creeping Charlie" (Glechoma hederacea) and yes, it is very hard to get rid of once it is established.