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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Building trades open house

On Saturday and Sunday the Renssealer Central High School Building Trades class had its annual open house. This year the house they helped build is near the west end of Vine Street.
Entering the house, you find yourself in a large room that is a combination kitchen, dining area, and living room. The picture below was taken from just inside the front door looking north.
Below is the same room, but from the north end looking south. Several area merchants use the open house to showcase furniture or appliances that they sell. The furniture helps give one a better idea of what the house would be like when occupied.
To the west of the main room lies the two-car garage and also a laundry/utility room. There is a small room off the garage that contains the furnace, behind from where the picture below was taken.
The most impressive area of the house was the master bedroom area. The bedroom itself was large, and to its west a hallway led to a large bathroom. Along that hallway were closets on either side.

The bathroom had the two sinks that seem to be standard for master bathrooms in new houses.
At the east end of the house were the other two bedrooms and another bathroom. These bedrooms where quite small.
The target audience for the building trade houses seems to be empty-nesters and retired couples. The asking price is $179K.

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