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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mid-November picture dump

It's time for another meandering post that uses a bunch of pictures I have taken recently.

A few weeks ago the city was digging near the lift station east of Weston Cemetery. They were digging last winter, as well. I have not heard what the purpose of any of this digging is. (Not the best way to start a post, is it?)
This morning I noticed that iron fencing had been installed in tiny Hanley Park. It was not there a few days ago.
I also noticed a sign I had not seen before at the Medical Arts building where Washington meets McKinley. Many changes are happening in the medical community. I do not know if this--the Pinnacle association--is one of those changes or not.
I visited the Community Health Fair at SJC on Tuesday. The ballroom was arranged differently this year; blood donations were on one side, and the health fair on the other. The blood collector for this event is the Indiana Blood Center. Some of the other blood drives in Rensselaer are done by the Red Cross. There probably is an interesting story as to why there are two groups that do blood drives here, but I do not know it.
I took all the tests were available and found no real surprises. I was happy that I have the bone density of a healthy young female.

I talked a bit to the people from the KV Fitness Center from Demotte, which I was surprised to learn is part of Jasper County Hospital. The people at Fairmeadows Home Health Care seemed to remember me and said that they were dong well at their new location.

Still in the health area, the office of Randall Dermatology on North McKinley is being remodeled, probably to make it look less like an old gas station. The big windows are being replaced with much smaller windows.
Also being remodeled is the old Perkins Chiropractic office on N Cullen. Someone told me about this at the bridge dedication, and said it would be reopening in 2012. Someone else told me that the Rensselaer Republican had had a story on this, but I missed it.
Various construction projects continue. I liked this picture of the concrete pipes that will become part of the storm sewer system. They were next to the basketball court in Columbia Park last weekend. The pipes are made in Lowell, and the contractor is Gatlin from Griffin.
The storage shed on North Melville had six doors hung and four to go a few days ago. They are all in place now.
A "No Trespassing" sign greets visitors at the school construction site on North McKinley, which means that I cannot go places I was going before. The workers were building up the roads and parking areas with limestone.

SJC enclosed their new emergency generator and fuel tank. I thought it was an eyesore until I noticed the decorative finials on the left one (they have now also been added to the right fence), and that changes everything. (You may have to look hard to see them.)

Occasionally I take pictures of the quarry intending to do a post showing how it changes over time. Unfortunately, I can never find the older pictures to make the comparison. The quarrymen keep taking a lot of stone out, and I think the lowest level was not there a year or two ago. If you look carefully, you maybe see where a vehicle is drilling blast holes to move the cliff face back a bit further.

I mentioned the new tattoo place a few weeks ago. It had its grand opening on Halloween night and now has much better signage. It also has a name, Oddities, that might have served as the title to this post.

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