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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Installing a drain box

Last week while I was checking progress on the Melville Street project, a loader stopped to pick up one of the drain boxes that was awaiting installation. The driver chained it up and lifted it as if it were light as a feather.
It would take a lot of strong guys to lift this thing and move it, and it is not the largest of the concrete structures that they are working with.
The loader dropped it by the excavator. The concrete pipes being used say that they are made by Lowell Concrete Products, and I assume the rest of the pre-formed concrete items have the same source.
Other workers chained it to the hook on the excavator's arm.
The excavator make lifting it look even easier than the loader did. While I was watching, one of the workers passed by, and I remarked how impressive the machinery was. He said that even though he had worked with it for years, he still was awed by the ease at which the machines accomplished their tasks, and wondered how workers in the past managed to do all the things that they did without the modern machines.
The worker in the hole was trying to get some exact measurements so the box could be placed precisely. That was taking a bit too long, so I left and did not get a final picture of the placement.

While I was watching this activity, a UPS truck was making deliveries to the businesses east of Melville. How did it get to where it needed to go? It made its own road--there was no option.
Further north on Melville, the gutters have been installed and a excavator was placing to make a transition from the lawns to the curb. Here the lawns seem to be below where the street level will be.
North of Merritt the curbs end, and here the new street level appears to be below where the old one was.

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