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Friday, November 18, 2011

More Pictures--updated

Here are some more pictures in the spirit of yesterday's post.

Below is the Building Trades house as of October 17. A picture of its status as of Oct 25 is here.
Yesterday, November 17, the students had completed the roof and were working on siding and a garage door.
I like to keep track of new businesses, but I totally missed a new farm equipment dealer that arrived in June. A branch of MacAllister Machinery Company is now located just south of Castongia's John Deere. The company has several locations throughout Indiana. Their primary business seems to be heavy construction equipment, especially that made by Caterpillar. The Rensselaer branch is not in that division, but in the ag division. It does not sell Caterpillar equipment.
The building they are in once housed Sharp Electric.
The driveways and parking lot for the new K-2 school on North Melville were paved today. They put up signs to tell people to stay out, and then they make an inviting road into the site. What a mixed message.
The new storage building at 1003 N Melville that was pictured here now has a name: C&C Warehousing. An ad in today's Rensselaer Republican announced that rental space was available in the building and that it was especially suited for boats and RVs.

Update: I did not notice that the city was demolishing a third house for power station expansion. (At least I assume that the city is doing this). I cannot quite remember the house other than it was big, old and not in good shape. It was at 450 N Van Rensselaer, adjacent to the library and across the street from the power house.

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