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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Construction update, July 2012

The Austin Street Park and Bridge project has been making a lot of progress during the past couple of weeks. This morning I noticed seven I-beams on the south side of the river. I had thought the old bridge would provide its own support, but maybe it will be merely decorative and the I-beams will be what holds people up.
There was an impressive pond where Austin Avenue used to be. By the end of the day, this had been filled in. There is a lot of landscaping going on right now.
Rensselaer got about an inch of much needed rain overnight or rather early Thursday morning. As much as we needed it, other parts of the state are even drier. The Indianapolis airport had less than one tenth of an inch of rain between June 1 and July 17. 

The concrete has been poured and the forms removed from the structure on the north side of the water treatment plant. There is a lot of work going on, but most of it is inside, hidden from view.
The scaffolding keeps rising on the court house. The roof will be replaced.
The addition to the Rensselaer Family Dentistry office on Front Street now had the new roof installed so that you can no longer tell that it is under construction.

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