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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mexican clothing boutique

The new Mexican clothing boutique, Novedades Maru, is now open. It is between the guitar store and the SPAW, in a space that was once Sisters' Act and most recently a photography studio.
The shop itself is tiny. The merchandise is displayed along the three interior walls; there is no center display. Most of the clothing in the store is for men, though I am not sure whether men, women, or both would wear the boots. Look at the boots on the lower shelf. The leftmost pair has a snake-skin bottom. Next to it and the fourth pair from the left look like ostrich skin. On the top shelf, the black pair and the white pair to the right have an alligator skin toe. I did not find out how much these boots cost, but they are not what you would buy for work boots.
 The other wall had a selection of colorful shirts, and around the top were cowboy hats.
I had wanted to take one more picture but forgot to get it. In the picture of the outside of the store, you can see some ball caps that look speckled. They have a skull decoration, a motif that has a long history in Mexican culture.

The target audience is obviously Mexican and others from south of the border, but perhaps others as well can find things of interest in this intriguing new Rensselaer shop.

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