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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Opening, changing, and closing

This morning the new Louck Family Medicine facility had its ceremonial ribbon cutting. If you have followed this blog for the past year, you may remember some of the posts that showed the new building in various stages of construction. (For example, here, here, and here.) The old location for this medical practice was in the College Mall between Devons and the Fiesta hair salon.
 Currently there are three providers working from this office: Dr. Louck, Dr. Finley, and Wanda Gifford, a nurse practitioner. The new office has two and a half times the space of the old office. Behind the reception room the hallway leads to one of three nurses stations.
 Associated with the nurses stations are examining rooms, fourteen in all. They are pretty standard looking, and much bigger than those in the previous office.
 Below is the same room but showing the other wall.
 One of the nurses stations can handle two practitioners, so there is room for another provider in the facility. Besides the three providers, 12 staff members work in the office.

Below is a procedure room where minor medical procedures such as removing moles can be preformed. It is equipped well enough so that it could handle the delivery of a baby if needed.
It is a very nice facility.

There are a couple of other changes south of town. The Pak-a-sak is now serving Marathon gasoline rather than Shell.
 And didn't there used to be something on this sign? It is always sad to see businesses close.
(The pictures are dark because I took them during a brief shower this morning. More showers are expected later today--I hope we do not get what Chicago is getting.

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