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Friday, November 15, 2013

Ribbon cutting and a bomb (updated)

Home Sweet Home had its ribbon cutting ceremony today. The store opened in July. The store has a variety of antiques and decorative items, and also sells several product lines of jewelry and food products. If you have not visited the store, you should. It has a lot of fun things to look at.
As I was leaving, I noticed a bomb on the corner of Cullen and Washington. I suspect that it is a decoration to celebrate the football teams regional playoff game that will be held at the high school tonight. It has girls names and years on it, so it commemorated some sort of achievement. Was it for woman's basketball?
 Around the corner from Home Sweet Home, in the space most recently occupied by a Mexican clothing boutique, something seems to be happening. The window is covered with black plastic, and through a gap I could see that work was being done inside.
I think it was someone at the ribbon cutting, though it may have been one of the Mainstreet ladies I talked to a few minutes later, that told me that 24-7 Club Fit would be moving this weekend. Their new location now has the sign above the awning in nice red letters on a black background--Bomber colors.
 I took a picture of their old location because soon it will not look like this.
I have been trying to keep up with the changes in the local medical situation. Dr Spicer is retiring from his practice at the Clinic of Family Medicine but will continue as director of the Hospital's hospice. Dr Wakefield is leaving the Clinic of Family Medicine and opening an office in the College View Mall, in the location formerly occupied by Dr. Louck and before that Dr Nelson. I think that leaves only two doctors at the Clinic of Family Medicine. Dr Pellicore closed her practice a few months ago after she had twins and has apparently left town. Dr Finley who joined Dr Chis Louck in his practice left a few months ago. We may be a little short on general practitioners, but the hospital has an impressively long list of consulting physicians.

Update: From two comments on the Facebook link to this post:

The history of the Bomber guy at the courthouse from Kelly Odom- Wright: My senior year... My father was delivering furniture to the HS and this was an old bomb shell they had upstairs in the nest(you old schoolers know where I mean) and they were going to throw it out. My father being a vietnam vet had seen and used these in his day and asked if he could have it. He brought it home and mom was distraught as to what he was going to do with this and where it was going to go. This was my senior year and I had Mr. Beehler for an art teacher... He gave us a project to take an old object and use as a piece of art? So I took the old bomb shell and painted and designed it to look like the "Mr Bob" ( old schoolers know what I mean). I got an A on the project but again ...not sure what to do with this object. So at graduation time I used him at my open house, I wrote my name and my grad year on the back and began making it a tradition to hand it down to a friend of the family that was a senior and each recipient had to add their name make him present at their graduation open house and then pass on to a friend. It was asked that each person make a mental note of who they gave it to as someday when we had kids we could return him back to our homes! The first 2 years were very dear friends, sisters and family Donna Stevens Horner and Julie Kozen from that point on it was to have been a dear friend of each recipient . OVer time it lost its meaning and was reinvented as another type of award but after some hard work and 2 failed attempts at getting him back... we finally had a recipient that was understanding and sympathetic to its original meaning and wanted to see it returned to the rightful owner....Jenna Webb. It was used first for Zachery Horners Open house then to Taylor's (my daughters) and then to Jace Horner and Jaydon Steele and then to Hunter Wright... from there time will tell what and how we handle him... but it is AWESOME to us 3 that were the first to hold him and it was an incredible feeling for him to be returned to us after all these years!! This year will mark 26 years in traveling.... Still love him

and from the owner of the neighboring business:

The building with the black bags covering the window will soon be some kind of a spa I believe. The lady renting there is a massage therapist

Update 2: The Bombers won the regional championship 24-0 over Bremen and are now in the final four. Next week they face Tipton, a team they narrowly defeated earlier this season. Tipton finished fourth in the Hoosier, but is one of three Hoosier Conference teams still alive in the playoffs. Wouldn't it be something if they won the state championship? How often does a team that finishes fourth in its conference win state? Of course we all hope that the team that finished third in the conference will win the state championship. In any case, a team from the Hoosier Conference will be playing in the state finals.

One more update: 24/7 did move over the weekend. Some pictures here.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of exciting happenings in downtown Rensselaer. I hope building owners can make the rents low enough to entice new shops to open. I do love Home Sweet Home.