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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ayda's shortly before opening

I took some pictures of Ayda's Mexican Cuisine shortly before they opened for business in their new location today. This is one view upon entry. The enclosed area in the back is a soft-drink area. I am not sure how it works--I have not eaten there yet. The restrooms are in the hallway behind the caution sign.
This is the view looking the other way. The dining area is L-shaped, wrapped around the kitchen area. The seating that is separated from the rest of the seating area can be used for special events. The bricks in the separator wall are from the old Johnny Rusk building.
You can compare these pictures with pictures taken several months ago.

From right side of the picture above, one can get the view of almost all the dining area. The entrance to the restaurant is on the left. The soft drink area is on the right as far back as you can go.
Here is a closer look at the soft drink area. The tile on the counter is the same as the tile on the floor and there are more bricks from the old Johnny Rusk building.
Below is a shot of the kitchen area, which is open to the dining area. Food was being prepared for lunch.
Here is another picture of the kitchen, showing its other side.
The menu is posted on Facebook and can be found here.

The Chamber of Commerce will have a ribbon cutting on Friday starting at 10:00 for three new downtown businesses: Doggers, Healthy Glow Spray Tanning, and Ayda's Mexican Cuisine.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the coverage. I'll bet chefs think they've "died and gone to heaven" in that spacious kitchen! It all looks lovely. Best wishes to Ayda's and all new businesses.