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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June Renovations

Tuesday morning I was out for some morning exercise and noticed a road-closed sign on John Deere Road. Naturally, I had to check it out.
The railroad crossing is being redone. I had not noticed that it was in bad shape, but I guess it was. Since there are piles of ties along several miles of tracks, I expect we will be seeing a lot more railroad work this summer.

At lunch I received a call saying that there would be a crane at the court house in the afternoon. Alas, there was no crane, but there was a delivery of air conditioning equipment.

Workers were carefully unloading three or four large wooden boxes with a tractor and then placing them at various locations around the court house.
The boxes were from Trane and were being delivered to Ziese Plumbing and Heating, c/o Jasper County Court House.
Maybe a crane will be there on Wednesday.

Update: On Wednesday morning I passed an excavator traveling north on Matheson from its parking spot in the city brush lot just north of the railroad tracks.
It was on its way to the new city well. Since it is rented and there is little point in renting a machine and not using it, I assume that construction of the water main from the new city well to the existing main is underway.

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