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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Airport update

On Saturday I noticed construction equipment at the Jasper County Airport. Tuesday morning I jogged out there to see if anything was happening. I found a couple of new machines parked near the intersection of of Airport Road and SR 114.
Behind them is what looks like a new parking lot, covered in crushed stone. I am not sure why they want a parking lot here, so maybe it is something else.Looking down the runway, there are two big rolls of drainage tiles.
I walked over the the office to see if I could get some answers, but no one was there. I did find someone leaving the construction trailer, and he said that they were resurfacing the runway.

The airport office has expansion plans on its wall that are dated 2008. They would like to put in an east-west runway. I think they still need to acquire land, and it looks like they would like to re-route Airport Road. I will try to get back there sometime in the next few weeks and learn more. (If any reader knows more, please feel free to comment.)

Meanwhile, on Tuesday the city was working on power lines along Melville. I suspect that the power poles along the road will be coming down as the project goes forward.

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Sheila said...

Oh my gosh! I sure hope they don't "reroute" airport road. That road is part of all of our country running routes. That would be a REAL bummer!