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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Does Rensselaer have talent?

As part of the entertainment for the Little Cousin Jasper Festival, the Festival had a "Rensselaer's Got Talent" contest. I attended and assembled video clips of the various contestants to give a taste of what happened. There were some audio problems, and on some of the clips my audio was not very good, especially when I was to the side of the stage rather in front.


The contestants were:
Cecil Hitchings singing the National Anthem
Desiree Holmes
Bill Moit on electric guitar
Lindsey Henderson
Jason Bouse and Chad Nabors on guitars
Angie Denton (3rd place winner)
Kelli Vania
Emma Warren
Lisa Ricker (1st place winner--I remember her as a little girl on a school bus that came by each morning)
Diana Shelley and Jeff Zimmerman (2nd place)

The event was a success and I would bet that it will be on the program again next year.

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Sheila said...

I'm so glad you put that video clip together! I wanted to see the talent show after you mentioned it in your previous blog but wasn't able to get out to the festival.