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Friday, September 4, 2009

The giant pumpkin

I ended up with a pumpkin vine in my garden that I did not want there.
Last year I threw the seeds from the squash we ate into the garden, and I also threw some pumpkin innards out there. This spring I had a lot of volunteer squash coming up, and I transplanted them to various places that I thought would be appropriate for plants that grow vines that can be ten or twelve feet long. Among the plants I transplanted was a pumpkin vine, though I did not know that until it flowered and set a fruit.
There is still a bit a green on this one, but there were quite a number of totally orange pumpkins at the last farmers' market. Summer is coming to an end and soon fall will be here.

The acorn squash have not done as well this summer as they did last summer. Most of them have been hit by vine borers. Maybe I should switch to butternut--they are supposed to be resistant to vine borers.

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