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Monday, September 28, 2009

Melville Update

On Sunday morning I visited the Melville construction for the first time in over a week. Some of the underground culverts and the big concrete cylinders are now in place.
The storms sewers will drain into the Schoolhouse Ditch that is north or the Eger substation. The concrete culvert is from the new construction, and the metal one is the culvert that takes the ditch under Melville. The picture was taken before the fog burned off on Sunday morning.

This morning I stopped by to see what they were doing and there was a second backhoe on the site. In the minute after this picture was taken, it maneuvered its empty arm to reposition the bucket that is in front of it and then attached it. I was impressed with the skill of the operator. I wonder if working video games helps develop the skills necessary to work these machines with the precision that the operators have.

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