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Monday, September 28, 2009

SJC Homecoming 2009

This past weekend was SJC's annual homecoming weekend. The big event of the weekend is traditionally the football game. Before and after the game, and during the game for those who are not all that interested in football, there are other activities, some for kids. Last year I recall the bucking bronco apparatus, This year there was a surfboard that no kid stayed on for more than 10 seconds. Even when they laid on the board, they soon spun off. Still, it must have looked like a lot of fun to the kids, because there was always a queue. The SJC Art Club had other things for kids, including help in making a tie-dyed shirt. For older people, there was the always popular beer area. Here is an addition to my collection of delivery trucks.

The football game was not very interesting because the home team was clearly much better than the visitors. (You generally want that for homecoming, don't you?) I watched the first half as SJC ran up a 27 to 0 lead. Then came the highlight of the game, halftime show with the SJC marching band.
The fiery baton twirler was a nice touch to finish the performance.
Below are two minutes of video that highlight the drum line. As you can tell, the audience appreciated the performance.



Mr. Smooth said...

I think the band was the show too and I am sure they appreciate your support and enthusiaism as well, but word on the street is they have an awesome low brass section. Where are those pictures that could only enhance such an awesome blog? Why only one delivery truck?

Dessert Survivor said...

Is that you, Richard?