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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sorry about that

I was aware that the high school homecoming was occurring last weekend, but I was not interested enough to dig out the schedule. (It does not help that the high school's website is meant for students and parents, not outsiders.) As a result, I missed the parade. However, I did visit the high school Sunday morning and took a picture of some of the floats that were in the parade. The one in front seems to be that of the senior class, and the one behind it looks like the junior class float. There are two more there--were they from the freshman and sophomore classes?
Congratulations to the football team for winning a close game against Twin Lakes.

My kids were in the band, not on the football team, so I did not keep up with football even when I had kids at the high school. In fact, the only games I went to were those when I worked in the concession booth for the band boosters. Now even that is history--it was replaced by a much nicer booth in 2008.

The repairs on the high school swimming pool have been slowly progressing for months now. I took a couple of pictures of what the site looked like on Sunday, and it was not much different from what I saw a week or so ago.

They have a plywood or particle-board layer up. Are they almost ready to cover that with bricks, or are there still many more steps to go?
My apologies for not covering something that is important for a lot of people.

PS Have a nice fall equinox day. I once had a nice picture I wanted to use on the equinox, but I can no longer find it.

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