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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


After looking at the flowers at the high school wet-land area, I decided to take some pictures of some of the weeds I have seen a lot of, especially in my garden. I do not have velvet leaf in my current garden, but it used to be a serious weed for me, The leaves are very soft, but the plant grows big and I do not know of any use for it. It is not a native American plant but was introduced from India.
Common ragweed has very pretty leaves. It also is a cause of hayfever. It thrives in disturbed soil, so it is not common in mature prairies.
Giant ragweed grows taller than I am. If there is a lot of it, it will crowd out everything else. This batch is growing just north of the railroad tracks on Matheson St. Both it and common ragweed have flowers that are hard to recognize as flowers.
Lambs quarters is still a problem weed for me. However, it is supposed to be edible, so maybe I should just eat it and not try to eliminate it.

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