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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Melville Street traffic report

Two Sundays ago while visiting the Melville Street construction to see what progress had been made, a White Castle truck approached the road. It very slowly made its way onto the dirt and drove down to Walnut Street. One of the difficulties in closing this street in order to install sewer tiles is that it is the only means of getting to several important businesses that are the source of a lot of truck traffic.

Last Saturday there was quite a bit of activity. City crews were there welding a gas pipeline. It had been removed so that the sewer tile could be put in, and now they needed to replace it.
On the north end of the construction zone a bulldozer was spreading crushed stone that dump trucks were bringing to the site.
Their work was briefly interrupted when a Genova truck needed to cross on Maple. The Maple Street crossing has been kept open for truck traffic with very few interruptions.
On Sunday morning all of the Melville construction site north of Maple had a layer of crushed stone, indicating that the underground work has been completed on this part of the street.

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