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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More destruction on Melville

This morning the work crews were tearing up more of Melville, and may get to the railroad track later today. When I took the picture below, they had reached Elm Street. You can see two dump trucks and a couple of other machines in the distance.
One of those machines was loading the crushed asphalt into the dump truck.
The other was a backhoe loading another truck near Merritt.
The intersection at Maple Street was passable, which is important because there are two factories and a State of Indiana road office further out. The mail lady was finding delivering the mail a bit challenging. From Maple north the storm drains are installed or are being installed.

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The Innovator said...

Is that a mail truck next to a "blue box?" Now that's impressive. The blue boxes are a nice touch but this mail truck is immaculate. Why don't we see more cranes and trucks with them. This is truly the next generation of screen savers.